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Seeing Young Children with New Eyes: What we’ve learned from Reggio Emilia about children and ourselves

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May your teaching and parenting bring you joy!

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens and Leslie Gleim

See what they’re saying about our book: is Sydney Gurewitz Clemens' website with many articles you can reprint. Great, great, long-lasting gifts. Leslie Gleim is a master teacher at the highest level of thoughtfulness and skill who teaches at the Mid-Pacific Institute in Hawaii. Sydney and Leslie have posted their collaborative gem, Seeing Young Children With New Eyes. I recommend pursuing this wise resource from these precious people.

Tom Drummond, retired Community College teacher

Dear Sydney,

I want to congratulate you and Leslie on your wonderful new book. You introduce the reader to Reggio Emilia thinking in a most engaging way. Great title!

I am so glad that you persisted with your vision and I wish you every success with the book.

– Ursula Kolbe  Author, Rapunzel's Supermarket: All about Young Children and their Art

It is the first book that truly speaks from personal teaching experiences and parental experiences that are laid out and successfully illustrate the potential of children. That is missing in so many books in our field. Sometimes the experiences are found in sidebars or boxes with a special color. They are not personalized but are a summary of what is important to the point at hand and always have that "ECE textbook college course" feeling in them. One witnesses the evolution of the teacher as experiences are woven into the book from the onset which keeps the reader reading. The teacher is also not afraid to state when she needs to change.  . One of my staff has been reading and she found it very good. It has helped her determine how to approach her own documentation.

Claudia Chamberland, B.A., M.A., NAMC

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens has just given the educational community a wonderful gift... read more

– Laurie Block Spigel

Dear Sydney and Leslie
I have just finished reading part one and have gained so much – and been so challenged and have plenty to reflect on. I have been thinking of the Image of the Child in our own context and in my own practice and part one has helped crystallise my thoughts in so many ways. Congratulations, I can’t wait for the next instalment.
Leslie, you will be interested to know that I have just come back from taking a group of 21 other South Africans to attend the International Study Group to Reggio Emilia and I am convinced that their approach to children will be forever changed. So, dreams can become reality! We are also in the throes of arranging our next SA conference on the Reggio approach (0n 26 – 28 June 2012) - like last year’s conference it will be at our school where our documentation of our collaboration with you and MPI on the Wind Project is still proudly displayed.
How encouraging for both of you to know that you are influencing educational practice so many thousands of miles away!

Take care.
Fond regards,
Tessa Browne
HOD Pre-Primary
South Africa

Dear Sydney,

Thank you for this most profound and inspired window into your experience and philosophy… I will use this work extensively in my endeavours to create a new culture of childhood in my own small patch of the universe.

Kind regards

Dr Cathie Harrison
Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education
Australian Catholic University
Strathfield Campus
25A Barker Road
Strathfield 2135
NSW Australia

Children of Incarcerated Parents Resources Newsletter, 4/04/12 “BRAVO to long-time SFCCIPP member Sydney for producing this resource.”

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